Foundry Tools

Our Salamander Plumbago foundry tools are made from finest quality natural graphite bonded with selected refractory clays.  The range includes plunger mixers (with or without steel reinforcing rod), circular dippers, dip samplers, stirrers and skimmers.


Our foundry tools are suitable for use with a wide range of alloys at service temperatures up to 1600°C (2800F). 

Performance characteristics

  • Advanced graphite material non-wetted by metal and slag for minimal erosion and operational long life
  • Excellent thermal characteristics; high thermal conductivity and resistance to thermal shock


Salamander Plumbago tools are denoted by the prefix .VB,VR,VS,and VK.

VB Sample spoons with an integral handle for taking small samples of molten metal for analysis or for removing dirt and dross from small crucibles.

VR Clay Graphite rods can be used for stirring additions into all types of molten metal ensuring good distribution of the additions in the melt.

VS Clay Graphite stirrers can be used for mix­ing additions into all types of molten metal, ensuring good distribution of the additions in the melt. They can also be used to remove any dirt or oxides from the surface of the molten metal.

VK Flat Clay Graphite skimmers are designed for the easy and efficient removal of dross and dirt from all types of molten metal.  

Pattern range

Plunger mixers are available in lengths from 318mm to 915mm. and are denoted by the prefic VM

Plunger mixers are produced in a range of diameters and lengths and can be supplied with or without a 16mm diameter steel reinforcing rod.

They are used to plunge treatment tablets into Brass or Aluminium and for stirring in the reaction products in the production of Ductile Iron. 


Morgan MMS Salamander Plumbago products are made from premium grade raw materials under ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

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