Red Diamond Alpha Products

The Diamond Crucible Company can supply the following Red Diamond clay graphite foundry products, Stopper rod ends, +GF+ Converter Segments and Refractory Nozzles. All products can be supplied in sizes to suit individual customers requirements.


Red Diamond Accessories

Red Diamond Alpha is a range of premium quality clay graphite foundry products from us including stopperrod ends, refractory nozzles, converter segments and fall chute transfer liners designed specifically for the iron and steel industry. 

All products are supplied in sizes to meet individual customer requirements.

Stoppers rod ends and Nozzles – These matched stopper rod end and nozzles are specifically designed to control the metal flow out of bottom pour steel ladles. They have been shown to significantly outlast competitive products in both longevity and leakage control.

Convertor Segments - In Georg Fischer ductile iron converters, the clay graphite converter segment has benefited iron casters by significantly outperforming other refractories. Its high thermal shock and wear resistance offer long term savings and process improvement and these can be customized to suit the needs of the metal casting facility.

Fall Chute Liner - We have successfully developed a clay graphite molten metal fall chute transfer liner for use in the ductile iron and cast iron centrifugal casting process. The liners are molded in rigid forms in order to ensure dimensional repeatability and fit within the steel support structure. This proprietary material’s non-wetting, easy to clean characteristics and its ability to withstand excessive amounts of thermal shock have outperformed other common refractory materials and resulted in higher value, lower maintenance costs and extended working times. 


Our Red Diamond Alpha products are made from premium grade raw materials under ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

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