Degassing Machine

Morgan Rotary Degassing Systems offer a complete solution to degassing needs of foundries. The system consists of a versatile degassing machine along with consumable degassing rotors and anti-vortex plate, which ensure consistent degassing efficiency over extended periods. The system can have a provision for additional facilities like flux dispensing and inbuilt RPT (Reduced Pressure Test) of degassed Aluminium. Thus the system can be used for a complete metal treatment solution.



  • Options to be trolley mounted or pillar mounted
  • Provision for 180°swivel action with locking options
  • Four speed variable drive available for shaft
  • Safety shut off valve
  • Digital monitor for key operating parameters
  • Device to record, store and print degassing data history for 100 cycles and provision to store more using USB
  • Auto feeder mechanism to add fluxes along with measurement tool for flux consumption
  • Inbuilt RPT sampling facility
  • Automated movement of anti-vortex plate
  • Operator friendly control panel with HMI (Human Machine Interface)



  • Easy to use as either a mobile or fixed degassing station
  • Suitable for any capacity ladle / furnace
  • Variable speed drive prevents metal flashing at different capacity levels
  • Easy to maintain due to interlocks to key functions and a visual display on HMI
  • Quick and efficient sample testing of degassed metal with inbuilt RPT facility
  • Metal vortex formation is precise and remains active for required period of time
  • Easy plug and play operation
  • Auto timer and flash light notifies completion of each stage of operation
  • Automatic warning alarms safeguard against inadequate gas pressure or insufficient flux quantity in the dispenser box
  • Unique coupling design enhances the shaft life
  • Combination of machine, rotor anti-vortex plate to ensure highest degassing efficiency.



  • Mechanical: Powder coated machine body, Variable RPM of 100-1000, Flux dispenser of 7-10kg capacity, Suitable for 150-1000kg metal degassing, Variable gas flow rate for purging / Process with Argon or Nitrogen.
  • Electrical: 3 Phase, 420 VAC, 50Hz, Control panel of 24V DC. Electric motor of variable frequency total – 3.75 Kw
  • Dimension: H: 305 x W: 153 x L: 305 cm
  • Weight: 1300kg